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It’s Party Time January 5, 2010

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It's Party Time

(Front of Card)

For/Time/Date/Place(Inside of Card)
(yellow background to show card outline)

This card is an appealing invitation for several reasons:

1) Everyone wants to own and wear a t-shirt like this one. Therefore, everyone will come to your party, in the hopes that you will give them t-shirts like this one. (Note: Some of your guests will be disappointed if you do not provide t-shirts. After all, you have suggested that this will be a t-shirt party.)
2) Who knew someone made a card that’s just perfect for the t-shirt birthday party hosted by conjoined twins?

Can you think of other reasons that make this card stand out in the crowd?


During a quiet moment… January 2, 2010

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During a quiet moment...(Front of Card)

In a quiet place... think of me...(Inside)

This card, you quickly realize, is not for those with poor eyesight! It’s another pretty little nature scene with a thoughtful message, like the earlier Walt Whitman quote card. But this card isn’t aggressively celebratory. In fact, it falls most closely into a “thinking of you” category–except somewhere along the line, the message became “think of me.”

Still, that’s perfectly acceptable; your friends won’t mind being told what to do! And so find that person you think most needs a moment of rest and relaxation and send him on a quest: find a quiet place, make a quiet moment, and then think of me.

Once again, who deserves/has earned this card? What is the occasion?

Every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle. December 26, 2009

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Every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle(Front of Card)

(Inside: Blank)

This aggressively optimistic card is perfect for cheering up congratulating a generic special someone on that generic special day(?)

Readers, whom do you think should receive this card, and what’s the most appropriate occasion?