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From here to there is only a wish away… December 27, 2009

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From here to there is only a wish away...(Front of Card)

Happy Holidays(Inside Text)

If you must send a belated Christmas card, let it be a particularly cute one. Your recipient will understand.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2004. December 25, 2009

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2004.(Front of Card)

I got a ton of these cards at the closeout store and I hate to waste them.(Inside)

This card probably would have been at its peak of funniness in 2005. Well, that’s not true: if you hold onto it until 2054, it will have a certain vintage funniness to it. But for now, you can send this to your friend who graduated college, got married, or otherwise had an important event happen in 2004. It was a very happy year, he’ll think. He’ll be so touched that you remembered, even five years down the line.

Some green stuff… December 24, 2009

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Some green stuff...(Front of Card)

...to stuff in your stocking!(Inside)

Think about all those different hands that crisp $20 has touched over the course of its lifetime, and imagine what those hands might have done before touching that lovely little bill. With this card, you can teach your loved one an important health lesson this holiday!

Happy Holidays December 20, 2009

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Happy Holidays(Front of Card)

...to someone who stands out in the crowd!(Inside Text)

A sweet way to let your friend know that you love them and wish them well, even if she does persist in wearing her jacket inside out and her socks mismatched. A little character is a beautiful thing.

Happy Hanukkah December 17, 2009

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Happy Hanukkah(Front of Card)

(Inside Blank (?))

To start with a side story: I was at a retail establishment last week when I overheard several employees discussing Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song,” which had just been played on the in-store music system. The manager was wondering how a song with the lyric “smoke your marijuanic-ah” had been approved for in-store play.

Now, “The Hanukkah Song” (it seems to me) has always been about inclusion. A quick look around the store revealed that the holiday merchandise was proportionally about the same as the music: very few for Hanukkah, many for Christmas (both secular, which dominated the displays, and religious), and of course, a fair amount celebrating Generic Winter Good Cheer. In short, there were probably different rules for “The Hanukkah Song” because without it, the store would have had nothing to offer its Jewish friends except Generic Winter Good Cheer. It truly is the token Hanukkah song.

(No pun intended.)

This card is the first that I am posting that I do not own (it is available from Popjudaica.com).  As I will have one or two Christmas and Generic Winter Good Cheer cards, it seems only fitting to have a token Hanukkah card as well.

And this card, of course, is an excellent way to invite your special friend to spin the dreidel with you this holiday season. Enjoy the rest of the holiday!