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Hurray January 3, 2010

Posted by ridiculousgreetingcards in Congratulations, Greeting Cards.

Hurray(Front of Card)

Congratulations on Your Great News!(Inside Text)

In addition to being appropriate for all celebratory occasions, this card demonstrates perfection in a text-dominant card. (For reference, this was the last text-dominant card we encountered.) Your friend got a raise? Hurray! Someone’s getting married? Hurray! Your little brother got into college? Hurray!

My favorite aspect is that the “HURRAY” is in the perfect font to seem celebratory without screaming (HURRAY) or even needing an exclamation point (HURRAY!). Also, the colors are beautiful, which makes the card both elegant and fun. So use this card wisely: so many occasions in life deserve a sincere hurray that it will be hard to choose between them.



1. Dan - January 4, 2010

Hard to choose, or hard to remember? Luckily Facebook should always be there to remind me, but this card is the one I would use for the “oh, f***, I forget what your great news IS” moment.

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