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Hope Every Minute of Your 6th Birthday December 31, 2009

Posted by ridiculousgreetingcards in Birthday Cards.

Hope Every Minute of Your 6th Birthday...(Front of Card)

Is Totally Sizzling with Fun!(Inside)

(Back of Card)

A birthday card for that special six-year-old who wasn’t even alive back when there were only 150 Pokémon.

Happy New Year’s Eve! If you are in the market for an easy resolution, I propose this: Whenever I see a silly, honest, ridiculous, or ungiftable card, I will scan it and send it to ridiculousgreetingcards@gmail.com. Submitters will receive personal advice on who might benefit from such a card, and it may even appear on the site!



1. Dan - December 31, 2009

Excellent resolution, and a wonderful card. Not only is it awesome to watch a Pokemon evolve through all 3 stages, it’s relevant, because it’s like you are also evolving into a Level 6 Kid!
This might be the year, kid. You might grow horns or learn the Ember attack.

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